Beal Dynaloop Dynamic Rope Sling

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The Beal Dynaloop is a 8.3mm dynamic rope sling that comes in 3 different lengths. You can use the 60 cm loop to tie you in at the anchor or as a long quickdraw sling when needed. With the 120 and 150 cm loop, you can build or equalize an anchor, use it as a tie-in-point or sling a rock spike. Not only the Dynaloop is dynamic, its sheath protects it against UV rays and abrasion, providing more durability than a normal nylon or Dyneema webbing.



Beal Dynaloop Features:

  • 8.3 mm diameter available in 60, 120 and 150 cm loops
  • Dynamic loop
  • Thermo molded cover protects stitches
  • CE EN 566, EN 354
  • Strength: 22 kN



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