BlueWater Wave 9.3 Standard Climbing Rope

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The super cool construction of the BlueWater Wave 9.3 Rope follows the same logic as the 9.1mm Icon with the idea of packing as much sheath onto a slim rope as is possible. This gives it incredible handling characteristics and more importantly a longer service life. The 9.3mm Wave holds its round shape well especially under a load for easier and safer rope management.



BlueWater Wave 9.3 Rope Features:

  • Diameter9.3mm
  • Rated both single and half rope
  • Available as Standard Rope or Double Dry Rope
  • Available in 70 m and 80 m
  • Weight: 56 g/m
  • Static Elongation: 4.3%
  • Dynamic Elongation: Single = 33.6%, Half = 28.9%
  • Impact Force:  Single= 8.0 kN/ Half= 6.1 kN
  • Sheath Slippage: 3mm
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