Brooks Range Rutschblock Cord

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The Brooks Range Rutschblock Cord provides greatly improved performance over the traditional knotted rope, producing effective snow profiles with minimal effort. The Rutschblock Cord is virtually indestructible. The large loop handles at both ends of the Cord are easily grasped with gloves. This cord is made of 3/64” industrially rated steel cable with a “Safety Orange” PVC coating and a working strength of about 270 pounds making it virtually indestructible in the backcountry environment.

The Rutschblock Test is one of the snow stability tests used for identifying potentially weak snowpack layers. (Weak snowpack layers are easily triggered by skier weight.) Every snow study and test site should be safe, representative of the avalanche terrain and undisturbed. The Rutschblock Cord and Stuffblock Bag can be used as two additional tools; as an aid for emergency navigation in poor visibility conditions and as the bag used in the Stuffblock Snow Stability Test. 

Pouch comes with instructions for performing various snow stability tests, including Rutschblock, Compression, Stuffblock, and Shovel Shear Tests.



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