Cafflano Kompact Coffee Maker

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The Cafflano Kompact is a press-type coffee maker, consisting of a silicone bellows chamber with a foldable press, and a built-in stainless steel microfilter. When not in use, the airlock keeps it compact. Just store it or take it with you in the zipper pouch (included).

Just add coffee, hot water, and press into your cup. It’s that easy! You can even use it for cold-brewing!



Cafflano Kompact Features:

• Portability
- Compact with Airlock cap. No scales needed

• High Pressure
- Zero-friction of bellows, easy and light press
- Press & Squeeze mode

• Safe
- Lower pressing point, single-side open, and no leaks
- High melting point : 220°C (Food grade silicone)

• Cold Brew
- Cold brew on-the-go with Airlock cap

• Cup-free
- Irrelevant to cup types, even squeezing on flat-dishes is possible

• Pump Mechanism
- Perfect cleaning of micro-holes (filter) with bellows’ pumping action
- Visual check of brewing progress

• Eco-Friendly
- Etched stainless Micro Filter & commercial paper filter compatible



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