Cassin X-All Mountain Tool

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The Cassin X-All Mountain Tool is a combination of the best elements from  the Cassin X-Dry, X-Ice and X-Alp tools (aggressive shaft curve, hammer head,  double-pommel grip, large spike) with an upgrade to the All Mountain Pick that  optimizes the tool for Awax-like performance.

To Awax lovers, we can say  sincerely that the new Cassin X-All Mountain Tool is the new Awax. For climbers who  have experienced the frustrations of pick bounce, ice bashing and shoulder  fatigue common with the more aggressive mixed tools, we encourage you to swing  the new All Mountain Tool.



Cassin X-All Mountain Tool Features:

•  Optimized pick angle and tooth configuration climbs all angles of  ice and rock

•  Interchangeable head components make switching between an adze and  hammer or replacing picks simple and affordable

•  Interchangeable grips come in three varieties for leashless,  leashed and alpine or snow climbing. They all bolt onto the shaft with one  screw and because of their dual density molded construction, they dampen  vibrations and insulate remarkably well

•  The spike is large enough to grip on low angle glacier ice and has  a hole large enough to clip a carabiner for use with lanyards



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