Dynafit TLT 7 Expedition Women's Boot

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The revolutionary Dynafit TLT7 Expedition Women's Speed Touring boot is the ideal choice for every ambitious ski tourer who puts a premium on getting up the mountain fast and light. This touring boot's ascent performance has been greatly improvement with the Speed Nose and a setback pivot point. That helps you save energy for the descent. The Ultra-Lock 3.0 System makes it possible to transition between Fit / Walk / Ski modes with the adjustment of just one buckle. Also, the new Master Step Insert enables easier entry -- up to 50% easier in comparison to the Quick-Step-In Insert. Improved strength and precision power transmission on the descent is ensured with the carbon fiber-infused Lambda Frame and the Power Strap.



Dynafit TLT7 Expedition Women's Boot Features:

  • Lambda Frame: The use of an exoskeleton provides lateral and front rigidity to the structure, favoring a precise immediate response. At the same time, this enables softer materials to be employed in less critical areas of the shell to deliver improved walkability and ease foot entry and removal into the boot.
  • Master Step: Just one click - revolutionized step in Tech Bindings. The patented Master Step insert makes the entry even more easy. 50% Easier Entry Maximum Loads with a Din Z-Value of 16! Automatically compatible with Dynafit Beast Bindings!
  • Speed Nose: Higher Ascent Efficiency! The shorter toebox and rotation point at the binding attachment set further back make walking even more efficient. Dynafit revolutionizes once again the connection between boot and binding, the legend continues.
  • Ultralock 3.0 Closure System: Manage the boot with just one buckle: fewer buckles means reduced weight, a more streamlined profile as well as reduced risk of breakages and unlocking of buckles.
  • Ultralock Strap




  • Weight: 1040 g
  • Forward Lean: 15°-18° + Release for Walking
  • Range of Motion: 60°
  • Closure System: Ultra Lock System 3.0


How to choose Backcountry Boots

Size: 23.5 - 25.5
Weight: 920 g @ 25,5
Number of Buckles: 1 + power strap
Last Width: mm
Binding Compatibility: Tech
Good for: ski touring, ski mountaineering,
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