Fixe Alien Revolution Double Sling Cams

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When Dave Waggoner introduced his Alien cams to climbing, the art of technical placements changed. Fixe Alien cams are the best thin crack protection. Fixe Alien Lite Double Sling Cams are ideal for parallel sided cracks and their very flexible stem makes them well suited for horizontal crack placement. Dave's design has been and will be copied in the future but so far this original concept stands alone.




Fixe Alien Revolution Double Sling Cams Features:

  • Reduced Head Profile of 20% from the regular Alien Cam
  • Riveted Axle
  • Increased friction and holding power cam treatment
  • Flexible steel cable
  • Improved trigger design
  • Higher strength and flexibility steel cable
  • Stronger aluminum cable swage
  • Rubber ergonomic thumb pull
  • Increased strength and abrasion resistant dyneema sling





Color Range Strength Weight
Black 8-14 mm  5 kN  46g
Bue 10-17 mm  6kN  48g
Green 13-22 mm  7kN  52g
Yellow 15- 25 mm  10kN  58g
Grey 17 -30 mm  10kN  59g
Red 20-33 mm  10kN  61g



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