G3 320 Speed Tech Probe

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The G3 320 Speed Tech probe is made of aluminum 7001-T6 tubing and has been redesigned with the quick deploy mechanism. This reliable probe is very intuitive to use and is made for both recreational and professional users. The markings are spaced every 5 cm on the entire length of the probe and each segments measures 45 cm for a total length of 328 cm.



G3 320 Speed Tech Probe Features:

  • Lightweight and dependable aluminum 7001-T6 tubing
  • Single pull quick deploymentCompletely resistant to icing
  • 100% tested, high strength aluminum ferrules
  • Utilizes G3’s speed cone technology for quick assembly and improved cable durability




  • Total Length: 328 cm
  • Segment Length: 45 cm
  • Weight: 294 g
  • Increments markings: 5 mm 




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