Krukonogi Air Light Bolt-on Crampons

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The Krukonogi Air Light Bolt-on crampons are compatible with any fruit-boots. The plates of the side points are of variable thickness, making these bolt-ons light, robust and durable. The side points hardness is 48-50 HRC.



Krukonogi Air Light Bolt-on Crampon Features: 

  • A new approach to the manufacture of fruit boot crampons.
  • The plates of the side points are of variable thickness - thinner on the inside where the frontpoint is installed and growing towards the outer edge for thicker side points.
  • This makes the new crampons light, robust and durable.
  • Side points hardness is 48-50 HRC
  • Weight: 280 g


Weight: 280 g
# of Points: 5 points
Binding Type: Bolt-on
Material: Steel
Ideal For: Mixed Climbing, Steep Ice Climbing
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