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The starting point in our climbing career is of fundamental importance. It gives rise to the genetic building blocks that shape our climbing lives. The Scarpa Origin offers a lush leather upper, giving a feeling of padded luxury that is rarely found in a shoe aimed at encouraging people to start climbing. The flat profile and relatively relaxed randing ease the climber’s feet into a cocoon of comfort. The hook-and-loop closure keeps the foot snug and well positioned during use. The Origin introduces SCARPA’s Vision rubber, a proprietary compound that is both sticky and resilient to all the conditions that new climbers feet will experience.





Scarpa Origin Features: 


  • UPPER 1.8mm Suede upper is unstitched over the toes for high-level comfort. Twin reverse Velcro straps with a high-stretch gusset allow easy entry.
  •  INSOLE 3/4 length Nylon 1.4mm insert from heel to toe helps spread the force across the whole foot.
  •  ACTIVE RANDING Protective low-tension randing system.
  •  SOLE 5mm Vision rubber for the best balance between friction and durability.




  • WEIGHT: 205g (1/2 pair size 38)
  • MIDSOLE: Flexan 1.9mm
  • OUTSOLE: Vision® Rubber (5mm)
  • LAST: ED - Flat Profile / Slightly Asymmetric
  • PROFILE: Flat
  • SYMMETRY: Slightly Asymmetric
  • CLOSURE: Strap


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