Summits & Icefields 1 - Alpine Ski Tours in the Canadian Rockies

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Researched and written by legendary alpinist Chic Scott, with the assistance of mountain guide Mark Klassen, this guidebook will continue to be the bible of ski mountaineers in the Rockies. There are plenty of new tours in the book, particularly in newly developed areas where skiers can grab a few powder turns near the road. Information on other areas have been either greatly expanded or completely rewritten and updated. The entire book is printed in colour, showcasing many mouthwatering ski images and destinations. Digital shaded maps prepared from satellite imagery illustrate the routes and terrain and allow this guidebook to set a new standard for ski guidebooks in North America.


  • By Chic Scott with Mark Klassen
  • ISBN: 9781926855783
  • 5 x 7 inches
  • 344 pages paperback


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