Tecnica Mach1 HV 110 Ski Boots - Men

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  • FLEX: 110 - Medium/Stiff
  • LAST: 103 mm (Wide)
  • VOLUME: High
  • Use: Performance alpine ski boot for intermediate / advanced skiers with a high volume foot who want a high-performance boot


The Tecnica Mach1 HV 110 ski boot hits the sweet spot for intermediate to advanced skiers with a high volume foot who want a high-performance boot, without feeling overpowered by stiffer models. Mach1 stands for best-in-class all-mountain performance, promising a precise fit, the ultimate level of customization and efficient power transfer. The boot feels surprisingly comfortable out-of-the-box, thanks to the anatomically shaped liner and shell. If needed, you can add personal customization with Tecnica’s C.A.S. system to solve any additional fit problems. Skiers will appreciate the Asymmetrical Power Transmission shell, which efficiently transfers all of your energy directly into the turn. Get ready to send it to the next level.



Tecnica Mach1 HV 110 Features: 

  • The C.A.S. Shell has an anatomical shape that matches the shape of the foot. This allows for a better out-of-the box initial fit. The dimples on the shell offer less surface tension and facilitate heating, making customizing the shell easier. The shell retains the new shape better and longer.
  • Asymetric Power Transmission: The revolutionary asymmetrical concept is based on a different thickness of the shell and liner structures. The inside of the shell is slightly thicker and stiffer and the outside of the shell is thinner and more flexible.
  • Quick Instep: Utilizes softer plastic over the instep area that allows the shell to open easier as you are entering or exiting the boot.




  • Customizaion Liner: C.A.S.
  • Customization Shell: C.A.S.
  • Soles: ISO 5355
  • Shell: PU - Quick Instep
  • Cuff: Polyolefine- Back Spine
  • Liner: PERFORMANCE- C.A.S.- Celliant®
  • Buckles: Mach1 buckles, Lift Lock
  • Spoiler:
  • Powerstrap: 45mm strap
  • Canting: Double canting screwed



Size: 26.5 - 27.5 - 28.5 - 29.5
Number of Buckles: 4 buckles
Last Width: 103 mm (wide)
Flex: 110 (medium stiff)
Binding Compatibility: Downhill
Good for: Downhill skiing
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