Black Diamond Lost Arrow Pitons

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Tough enough to withstand repeated abuse in thin to medium-width cracks, hot forged Black Diamond Lost Arrow pitons are patterned after the original designs of John Salathé and are as light as possible for their given size.




Black Diamond Lost Arrow Pitons Features:

  • Lightweight for their strength and size
  • Numbered for quick identification




Size Shape Weight Thickness
No. 1 Short-Thin 56g 4 mm
No. 2 Short-Medium 70g 6.3 mm
No.3 Short-Thick 84g 7.9 mm
No.4 Wedge 99g 9.5 mm
No. 5 Long-Thin 84g 4.7 mm
No. 6 Long-Medium 99g 6.3 mm
No. 7 Long-Thick 114g 7.9 mm
No. 8 Long Dong 114g 7.1 mm


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