Black Diamond Micro Stoppers

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When climbing a thin crack where small protection is needed, the Black Diamond Micro Stoppers can really save the day. Their trapezoidal form and patented design will jam in thin placement. The galvanized steel cable of the Micro Stopper is strong enough to easily wedge it into place, yet provides enough flexibility for the second to comfortably take it out. Good for Trad Climbing, Big Wall and Alpine Climbing.

The Micro Stoppers comes in 6 different sizes. Size 1 and 2 should only be used for direct aid only.




Black Diamond Micro Stoppers Features:

  • Copper/iron mix in heads provides bite in thin placements
  • Patented swage is stronger, more flexible and less prone to fraying
  • *Sizes 1 and 2 are for direct aid only



Micro Stoppers Specs:


Size Dimensions Weight Strength
1 3.7/5.1 mm 4 g 2 kN
2 4.6/6.5 mm 4 g 3 kN
3 5.1/7.5 mm 4 g 5 kN
4 5.9/8.4 mm 4 g 6 kN
5 7.4/9.4 mm 4 g 6 kN
6 8.8/10.4 mm 4 g 8 kN
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