Black Diamond Ultralight Ice Screws

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Designed for ski mountaineering, glacial travel and high-end alpinism, the Ultralight Ice Screw says it all in the name. Weighing in at 45% lighter than the Express Screws, the Utlralight Screw combines a steel tip with an aluminum body and forged aluminum hanger that features two clip-in points. The innovative wire-gate Express handle shaves more weight and also clicks open and closed. The Ultralights are also easily identified by length with the classic BD color scheme.



Black Diamond Ultralight Ice Screw Features:

  • Aluminum body with steel tip
  • Aluminum forged hanger with two clip-in points
  • Wire-gate Express handle
  • Color-coded Express knobs




  • Weight :  
    • 13 cm: 74 g
    • 16 cm: 81 g
    • 19 cm: 89 g
    • 22 cm: 96 g
  • Strength :  10 kN
  • Material :  Hanger: Forged Aluminum Body: Aluminum Tip: Stainless Steel
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