Camp Tethys Mobile Pulley

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Great for rigging, rescue, glacier travel and bigwall, the Camp Tethys Pulley is a compact, lightweight pulley. Designed to carry seamlessly on a harness and attach to a rope with ease, it features rotating side plates and a large attachment point that accommodates two carabiners. Additionally, the self-lubricated brass bushings make the Tethys pulley a perfect choice for light applications at low speed. And prusik knots can be installed on either side (aramid cord suggested) making it an ideal pulley for rigging a hauling system on route or managing crevasse rescues.



Camp Tethys Pulley Features:

  • Rotating side plates with a large opening that accommodates 2 carabiners
  • Self-lubricated brass bushings, efficiency 80%
  • Compact and lightweight, with aluminum alloy body and sheave and stainless steel axle
  • Prusik-minding
  • For ropes up to 13 mm



Tethys Pulley Specs:

  • Weight: 97 g
  • Max Breaking Load: 24 kN
  • Working Load Limit: 2 kN x 2 = 4 kN


Camp Tethys Mobile Pulley for ropes up to 13 mm , Vertical Addiction

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