Cassin X-Gyro Leash

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Use the Cassin X-Gyro leash with leashless tools for security reasons; you would not want to drop that tool at the bottom of the climb you are doing, would you? The patented design of the X-Gyro uses independant swivels with each attachment points: harness, left axe and right axe. This truly decrease the tangles and twists and almost make you forget the tethers. The elasticized webbing is easy to stretch and comes back to its original length right away so they are not annoying you when climbing. You can attach the Cassin X-Gyro in two different ways: by using the Nano carabiner provided for easy clip-in and clip-out or for maximum security, girth-hitch the loop of the cord to the spike or handle of the axe. *Not to be used for anchoring, resting or holding a fall. 


Cassin X-Gyro Leash Features:

  • Features the innovative Gyro™ swivel that allows three connection points to rotate independently of each other so twists and tangles are virtually eliminated
  • Elastic rewind lanyards automatically contract to their short length to stay out of the way while climbing
  • Axes connect with carabiners (included) or small loops of cord for girth-hitching
  • Available in two lengths to fit all climber



Cassin X-Gyro Leash Size:

  • Size 1:  69 - 112 cm
  • Size 2:  92 - 150 cm




  • Size 1: 130 g
  • Size 2: 140 g


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