DMM Phantom Screwgate Carabiner

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The shift in lightness in climbing gear standards has been made possible by radical products such as the DMM Phantom Screwgate Carabiner. This is a super light locking biner. Believe it or not but DMM could have made it even lighter. Unfortunately, that would have meant compromising on the strength and handling qualities of the biner. In the end they decided against such a compromise. The result is the ultimate trad and alpine climbing Screwgate. Lighten up your rack with a few of these beauties and you will really start to feel the difference.



DMM Phantom Screwgate Carabiner Feature:

  • Personal locking carabiner: Personal lockers are used where weight and size are as important as strength, such as on sling runners and for most connection points on belay stances. In a standard 2 person climbing team, most of your locking carabiners will be personal lockers.
  • Offset D carabiner for optimal loading and ergonomics
  • This carabiner's nose slots into a groove in the gate, allowing it to achieve full strength without a gate notch. This creates a clean internal profile that won't catch on gear, bolts or slings, giving easier clipping and removal from systems.
  • Strong and light I-Beam construction




  • Weight: 42g
  • Major Axis: 24kN
  • Minor Axis: 9kN
  • Open Gate: 9kN
  • Gate Opening: 15mm
  • Dimensions: 54 x 94 mm
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