Black Diamond Camalot Ultralight

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With a dyneema cord instead of a cable and sculpted lobes, the Black Diamond Camalot Ultralight is 25% lighter than the regular Camalot. As per their counterparts, the Camalot Ultralight are color coded for fast identification when protecting the crux is crucial. The double axle design provides a wide range of placement for each cams. When every ounce counts, the Camalot Ultralight is the way to go.





Black Diamond Camalot Ultralight Features:

  • Double-axle design offers widest range for each cam unit
  • Dyneema core stem design is strong, durable and low-profile
  • 14mm dyneema tape sling
  • Ergonomically optimized stem and thumb loop for surgically precision placements
  • Color-coded for easy identification and wide range of sizes





Size Color Weight Strength Range
0.4 Silver 61 g 8 kN  15.5-26.7 mm
0.5 Purple  74 g  10 kN   19.6-33.5 mm
0.75 Green  89 g  10 kN   23.9-41.2 mm
1 Red  101 g 12 kN   30.2-52.1 mm
2 Yellow  126 g  12 kN   37.2-64.9 mm
3 Blue  167 g  12 kN   50.7-87.9 mm
4 Silver  225 g  12 kN   66.0-114.7 mm





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