Gemtrek map Lake O'Hara

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An exceptionally picturesque area within B.C.'s Yoho N.P., and just over the continental divide from Lake Louise. This detailed 1:20,000 scale map is your guide to over 80 km of hiking trails, alpine meadows, pristine mountain lakes, massive glaciers, and awesome vistas in a compact area well away from the hustle and bustle of this popular tourist region.

Access is restricted to two bus rides in each day, or you can hike in either over the pass from Lake Louise or more easily from the highway near Field B.C. Restricted access means you'll enjoy greater solitude than busier tourist centres like Banff and Lake Louise.

We consider this area to be one of the best alpine hiking destinations in the Rockies.

On the back of the map are descriptions of all the trails shown on the map - Lake O'Hara Lakeshore, Lake Oesa, Lake McArthur, Opabin Plateau, and Linda Lake to Cathedral Prospect. Also described is the entire alpine route - Wiwaxy Gap/Huber Ledges, Yukness Ledges, All Souls' and Odaray Grandview Prospect.

As well as noting highlights, the trail descriptions also include distance, elevation gain and directions to the trailhead. The trail descriptions were written by Bruce Millar of Lake O'Hara Lodge. Several photos accompany the text.

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